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What We Do

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MME provides a complete range of underground services to key clients including Western Power, the Water Corporation, ATCO Gas Australia, National Broadband Network, Local Governments and Councils, Rio Tinto, FMG, and several Civil and Building Contractors across Western Australia.

Our extensive range of services covers:

  • Directional drilling

  • Trench excavation

  • Cable laying

  • Cable testing and jointing

  • Service location and protection

  • Deep drilled earthing

  • High pressure gas supervision

  • High voltage distribution cable supervision

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) service location

  • Substation equipment installation

  • Streetlight replacement and erection

  • Earthworks

  • Labour hire

  • Traffic management

  • Reinstatement works.

Our Capabilities


Directional Drilling

MME’s primary area of expertise lies within utility installation via horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and other forms of trenchless technology. 

HDD provides a trenchless solution for the installation of pipelines, conduits and cables primarily for water, power, gas and communication services. 

The technology provides advantages over conventional excavation methods by reducing site footprint, with minimal disruption to traffic, low costs, short completion times, and low risk to personal safety and the environment. 

MME is able to instantly mobilise to any site in Western Australia and provide a quality HDD service. We are confident in our ability to deliver high risk projects, including under rivers and rail lines, over all terrain, and in heavily congested metropolitan areas. 


Flexi Drilling


MME owns and operates Western Australia’s only flexi drilling machinery. Our flexi drills enables us to access high-risk, difficult projects and confined areas such as narrow streets and building sites within heavily congested residential and commercial locations. 

Our flexi drills are operated from diggers and excavators and have a 2.5m footprint, with a pullback pressure of 10,000 pounds. They can pull a range of pipes, from 20mm – 350mm and are able to drill out to 100m if required. These machines are suited to smaller projects, such as road crossings, and have enabled MME to complete projects other contractors in our field could not access. 

Our flexi drills have been utilised on several notable projects, including the Great Eastern Highway Bypass Upgrade project, the Perth Entertainment Centre, and various service installations for the Water Corporation and Western Power. 


Western Power Panel Contract Works

MME has been a Western Power preferred vendor for Distribution Network Support Services (DNSS) Projects since 2002 and for Customer-Funded Works Panel Projects since 2015. As a Western Power preferred vendor, we deliver in excess of 300 projects each year and have a track record of delivering projects on time, on budget and to the satisfaction of our client and customers. Our track record with Western Power demonstrates our ability to adhere to strict commercial and technical assessment criteria and to deliver projects to the highest standard of workmanship. 




MME owns and operates a 4×4 mounted down the hole drill able to carry out earthing projects in any location. Earthing enables grounded protection of electronic infrastructure such as power poles, transformers and substation equipment. We can drill holes and install earth rods in sand, clay, rock and granite. 


Service Location & Asset Protection

Through our subsidiary company, Platinum Locating Services, we have access to industry-leading equipment and Field Aware software that enables us to locate services quickly and accurately in a safe and unobtrusive manner. We can issue surveyed results to our clients from site so their works can proceed as soon as possible. We can locate, label, and protect assets of all major services in Western Australia including high pressure gas mains, water mains, sewer mains, telecommunication cables, fibre optic cables, and Western Power assets. 


Civil Works and Trenching


Our civil and trenching crews enable us to complete all civil infrastructure and urban development works associated with our clients underground infrastructure projects. Our capabilities range from trench excavation and earthworks to road reinstatement and hard and soft landscaping works. Our teams excel at community and stakeholder engagement and are committed to developing and implementing strategies that minimise disturbance to our clients, the public, and all other stakeholders. 

Our Projects


MME Underground Services has in place several long-term contracts with WA’s leading utility providers. Our projects vary in size, from small pillar to pole installations to large feeder and pipe line upgrades requiring several kilometres of cable or pipe to be installed through heavily congested metropolitan environments. We can deliver any underground infrastructure project, regardless of scope complexity, location, or other site constraints.  Some previous projects include:

Western Power Panel Contracts

MME Project Map Gravel.png

Pier St / St Georges Terrace

This project required the installation of indoor substation equipment and high voltage cabling. The scope of works included civil works, substation installation and earthing works, jointing, traffic management, high pressure gas supervision, permits and approvals and reinstatement works. Works were completed during night hours under shutdown conditions as the existing feeder cables were located 3m into the road.

Shenton Ave Joondalup

MME installed 5km of HV cable along Shenton Avenue in Joondalup, including across the Mitchell Freeway.

Midland Feeder Upgrade Project

This $1.2M project required the installation of three new HV Feeder cables, totalling 12km, to be installed from the Midland Substation throughout the Midland area. The cable was installed through directional drilling and trenching, both bare and in conduit, inclusive of all testing, terminations, traffic management and reinstatement.

East Perth Feeder Upgrade

Valued at $1.5M, the East Perth Feeder Upgrade project required four new HV feeder cables to be directional drilled from the East Perth Substation through Mt Lawley and East Perth. A total of 10km of cable was installed on time and on budget, despite the tight project time frames, high volume of traffic and restricted project location.

Bennett Street Perth CBD

This customer-funded Western Power project involved the installation of indoor substation equipment and HV cabling along Bennet Street. The cables were installed using hand trenching due to the congestion of services in the CBD and proximity to a high-pressure gas main. MME provided all civil works, substation installation and earthing works, jointing, traffic management, permits and approvals, high-pressure gas supervision and reinstatement works.

Perth City Link Rail Project – Primary and Secondary Power Supply

Western Power contracted MME to directional drill two new feeder cables from Roe St Substation, through Northbridge, under the rail line, to the Wellington St Substation as part of the Perth City Link Rail Project.

Waratah Avenue Dalkeith

This customer-funded project for Western Power was valued at $130K and involved the installation of indoor substation equipment. MME directional drilled two HV feeder cables at 260m and was responsible for all civil works, traffic management and reinstatement works.


Regional and Metropolitan Projects

Kalumburu Community Underground Project

Valued at $1.8M, this project for Horizon Power involved converting the Kalumburu Community power supply from overhead to underground power. Works involved demolition of overhead networks and installation of 8km of HV and LV cables with tie ins to over 130 properties as well as upgrading lighting and GPOs for all properties. 

Kalumburu is the located on the very top point of WA and the project’s location presented significant challenges. The five-to-six-day drive from Perth saw MME’s project team setting up camp along the way to transport the required equipment to site. 

Two employees remained on site for the entire duration of the project, while the remaining 25- man workforce operated under a rotating two-week roster. 

The tropical climate meant works could only be completed in the dry season, from July to September each year to avoid torrential rains. Works commenced in the dry season of 2010 but after experiencing 25mm of rain, the project was postponed and all equipment barged back to Perth. Works re-commenced in the next dry season, July 2011 when the project was successfully completed. 

Coral Bay Power Upgrade

Horizon power contracted MME to install LV and HV cables throughout the Coral Bay townsite to connect the new windfarm station. Works involved directional drilling, installation of power and communication services, changeovers, and installation of approximately 7km of HV cable to new boat ramp facilities. The remote project location presented logistical challenges for the 10-man-workforce in transporting equipment to site and obtaining mechanical support for the equipment.

Seven Mile Drilling Project

The Seven Mile Drilling project was MME’s first project for Rio Tinto and involved the installation of 6km of conduit and HV cable across the Dampier Causeway and under the rail line. The client was extremely satisfied with MME’s performance and as a result, we successfully become a prequalified Category 3 contractor for Rio Tinto Iron Ore.  The project presented a significant challenge as the rail lines were used by Rio Tinto to transfer ore to the port and was vital for all works to be completed without any interruption to rail or port activities.

Melbourne St, Moora

This $150K project required the installation of a transformal and LV kiosk as well as 900m of new underground cabling through a combination of directional drilling and open trenching.

Wickham Town Centre

Valued at over $1M, this project required LV upgrades from the Wickham Power Station throughout the town center for Rio Tinto Iron Ore. The project was completed via directional drilling in a variety of clay and rock ground conditions. Our team worked under alternating two week on, one week off FIFO rosters throughout the six-month contract duration.

Wickham Industrial Area HV and LV Undergrounding Project

MME were contracted by Tasman Power to drill and trench new underground HV and LV conduits and cables from the Wickham Industrial area along the Wickham to Roebourne Road.

Brand Highway Street Lighting Project, Geraldton

MME was contracted to install underground conduit and cabling to relocate five streetlights on the Brand Highway in Geraldton. We replaced the streetlights and delivered all jointing and reinstatement works.

Marble Bar Power Station Upgrade

The Marble Bar Power Station upgrade required open excavation, trenching and HV cable laying to upgrade the Power Station from diesel to solar power. The client required the project to be completed during summer months, meaning MME’s team of three had to complete works under extreme heat conditions.

Geraldton HV Upgrade

This project for the Geraldton Port Authority required the installation of two HV Cables from Rangeway Substation to the new ship loaders at the Geraldton Marina.

Nullangine Power Station Upgrade

The project required open excavation, trenching and HV cable laying to upgrade the Nullangine Station from diesel power to solar power.

Horwood Road St Lighting, Geraldton

MME was contracted to install new streetlight poles and 330m of streetlight cabling through a combination of directional drilling and open trenching. The scope of works included arranging all permits and applications, civil works, jointing and reinstatement works.

Cape Lambert Power Station Upgrade

This project for Rio Tinto required decommissioning of the old Cape Lambert Power station to install a new power station on the wharf. MME worked in conjunction with several contractors to complete significant haulage activities to transport 132KV cables, which were then installed in 1.5m deep trenches.


Located on the East Intercourse Islands, this project involved drilling underneath and alongside multiple conveyors to install 1.2km of HV feeder cables along a wharf to enable significant substation upgrades.

NBN Project

From 2011 to 2015, MME were contracted to install communications conduit as part of the National Broadband Network (NBN) Rollout in Geraldton. A combination of trenching and directional drilling was utilised with all modules handled internally.

Mosman Park Golf Course Reticulation Upgrade

MME were contracted to upgrade the Mosman Park Golf Course Reticulation system by drilling into the golf course dam.

Energy Mitigation Slabbing Project

This project for ATCO Gas Australia required trenching above 4km of high pressure gas mains across the Perth Metro area in order to install precast concrete slabbing to protect the gas mains from damage.