Zero Harm

We have adopted a “Safety First” approach and encourage a proactive safety culture throughout all areas of our business. From pre-planning to project completion, the health and safety of our employees is paramount.

MME as a company, and our people as individuals, are committed to the principles of zero harm, environmental management, quality, and equal opportunity for all, as a means towards a sustainable, successful and profitable business that provides a valuable social and economic contribution to our State.

We have established sound systems to manage our work processes so that health and safety, environment, and quality are at the forefront of everything we do. This provides our personnel with a safe work environment, free of undue stress. Our employees, clients, subcontractors and the public have a right to expect us to safeguard their health and safety in any environment under our control, be it in the office or out on site.

To achieve this, we:

  • Maintain safety as a corporate value
  • Provide our people with the training, supervision and work systems necessary to maintain a safe environment for themselves, our subcontractors, and the public
  • Actively promote individual and team participation in the management of safety, and empower them to participate effectively in identifying hazards and managing associated risks
  • Maintain management systems, project plans and work practices that comply with relevant occupational safety and health laws, regulations, industry codes of practice, standards, licenses, and project requirements
  • Establish, measure, report and review safety objectives, key performance indicators and targets.