MME Safety Day

This is the post excerpt.


MME Safety Day

The MME team took time out for the day to learn maintenance on key equipment and some safety training.

Team training for the day:

  • Service location refresher course;
  • Mud reclaimer maintenance training;
  • Maintenance and wear check on rock breakers;
  • Hazards or working around ATCO Gas assets;
  • Company’s new Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment process;
  • Emergency response drill for a power strike by a directional drill.

A special thanks to Kevin Moss who conducted most of the training throughout the day, passing on some of his over 25 years industry experience and knowledge.


Kevin Moss teaching team how to strip and how to gauge wear on rock breakers


Craig from Mudlogic showing our team how to maintain the mud reclaimer and analysing the performance of the reclaimer. It’s in great shape.


Dave Barlow (Drill Supervisor) Demonstrating the “strike out” function on a JT2020 directional drill and practising an emergency response to a power strike.

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